Help us find more UUs—both LGBTQIA folks and allies—who can share firsthand experiences of Rainbow History years, such as:

  • the early years when ministerial fellowship was withheld from LGBTQIA UUs;
  • when same gender marriage was hardly a dream;
  • when congregations would not consider calling someone who identified as lesbian or gay, let alone bisexual, transgender or any of the other identities or orientations that we are still only beginning to recognize;
  • the AIDS years, when some of our groups were in a constant state of mourning;
  • and more recently when our groups became Welcoming Congregations and many marched and testified on behalf of equality for all.

We are seeking to draw on the broadest possible range of experiences; we’re especially interested in stories from people of color, those with disabilities, from the BTQIA community, and from various class or geographic locations.

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