Marion Visel’s papers


1. Marian Visel papers 1 – HRC letter, “Lambda Legal Files Historic Lawsuit Seeking Full Marriage for Gay Couples in New York.” March 5, 2004. (Good outline of events that lead up to UU Ministers officiating weddings for same sex couples in New Paltz, NY later in March 2004.)

2. Sample script, Wedding Ceremony, March 6, 2004, Rev. Katherine Greenleaf and Rev. Dawn Sangrey.

3. Article “Marian Visel papers 3 – Minister Takes Debate to Heart” from The Poughkeepsie Journal, New Paltz, NY. March 7, 2004 (date?).

4. Marian Visel papers 4 – warning from Ulster County, NY, District Attorney, March 11, 2004.

5. Contact information for the organizing body for same-sex marriage in New Paltz, NY, New Paltz Equality Initiative, Charles Clement NPEqualitylnitiative @ 845-255-4747. Business card for Rev. Marion Visel’s pro-bono attorney (each celebrant had their own pro-bono attorney). Marian Visel papers 5 – Gioiella business card, Attorney at Law, Litman, Asche & Gioiella,LLP, 45 Broadway Atrium, New York, NY 10006 Tel. 212/809-4500, cell 917 /885-0191, RMG @

6. Marian Visel papers 6 – sample script 2004-03-13, March 13, 2004, Rev. Katherine Greenleaf, Rev. Dawn Sangrey and Rev. Marion Visel.

7. Marian Visel papers 7 – New Paltz chief of police requesting copies of contracts of marriage for wedding ceremonies performed by Rev. Marion Visel in New Paltz, NY. Hand delivered on March 13, 2004. (Rev. Marion Visel did not respond to the request.)

8. Article “Marian Visel papers 8 – Police cite Westport Minister” from Westport,Westport, CT. March 14, 204. (I believe the article inaccurately states that I was cited following officiating at March 13 wedding ceremonies. I was warned but I don’t believe I was charged.)

9. March 15, 2004 Letter to the Editor, New York Times, in response to article “Marian Visel papers 9 – Uniforms Mix with Wedding Finery” March 14, 2004.

10. Article “Marian Visel papers 10 – Ministers Charged for Marrying NY Gays” New York Times. March 15, 2004.

11. Request for comment and interview, Marian Visel papers 11 – News 12 request, Comcast, March 15, 2004.

12. Marian Visel papers 12 – Sample of emails of thanks to Rev. Marion Visel, March 16, 2004 from couples married by me in New Paltz.

13. Marian Visel papers 13 – UUA statement from President Bill Sinkford, “UU Ministers charged after performing civil marriages.” March 17, 2004.

14. Email Marian Visel papers 14 – New 12 response couple who wish to be married at future interview from same sex couple who wish to be married at future New Paltz wedding. March 19, 2004.

15. Article “Marian Visel papers 15 – Minister vows to continue same-sex ceremonies” Norwalk Advocate (Norwalk, Cl) March 22, 2004.

16. Marian Visel papers 16 – Email of thanks to Rev. Marion Visel, March 24, 2004 from a couple married in New Paltz on March 13.

17. Letter from NY Attorney General, Eliot Spitzer.

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