Iowa Wedding Orientation

Hi, I’m Holly, and I’ll be your wedding coordinator for today. That means you have to give me your undivided attention for the next ten minutes.

This is a really special day for all of you, for all of us, for Iowa, and the nation. And I’m here to help make it as beautiful and wonderful as possible. So, listen up.

You have a lunch date at a great restaurant, which you’re already going to be late for. I want to make sure you get back to St. Louis tonight.

So, clergy, in case you weren’t already clear on this: you do a reading from the pulpit; you do vows and rings with each couple in your group. That’s what you do. We were given a time frame to make something special happen for a lot people. So, remember, many of you will have the opportunity to marry these wonderful people all over again in a full service. Please, don’t try to do that today. [Only one overshared.]

So, I’m going to talk you through the logistics, the choreography of this wedding. Stop me if you have a question. But, it’s going to be quick.

Who’s in group 1? Raise your hand. Group 2? Group 3? Group 4? Group 5?

Who are couples #1? Raise your hand. #2? #3? #4? #5?

Who are individuals A? Raise your hand. B? Great.

[Get everyone seated, clergy and couples, where they will be seated after the processional, when the ceremony begins. Go through logistics, above. (This is assuming you have already gotten the photographers and the press situated.)]

  1. Now, you have ten minutes. At the end of that ten minutes, you all need to be in place for the processional.